It's Lost meets Battlestar Galactica, wrapped up in The X-Files!

SEED is a brand new sci-fi series currently in development. It will have all the mystery and intrigue that made Lost so much fun to watch. It will have the sci-fi appeal of shows like Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek, which (among other things) affords us the opportunity to make social, political and religious commentary in a non-offensive way, while at the same time revealing concepts and ideas that stimulate the mind to explore the “what ifs” in life. The series will also explore ideas concerning aliens, the paranormal and supernatural, as well as mind-control, transhumanism, conspiracy theories and matters of time/space travel – much the same way shows such as The X-Files, Fringe, V, The Event, Alias, Doll House and Continuum have done and are doing.

The main thing that makes SEED so different is the vast amount of research that forms the foundation of the series - research that comes from ancient texts (from many different cultures) that foretell our future. In short, SEEDwill explore truth that is stranger than fiction – revealing the fact that:

The keys to understanding the FUTURE LIE buried in the past.”


SEED the series is our proposed hour-long, dramatic, live-action, science-fiction series that will span 6 seasons with 12 episodes per season. It is designed to appeal to a broad audience with a story that is thought-provoking, intriguing and original. We intend to do this as an independent project so that we can retain total creative control of the content. We believe crowd-funding will enable us to do this most effectively.

Synopsis of Scripts 1 and 2, written by Rob Skiba II

The Pilot Episode is called, “Yesterday Today Was Tomorrow.” Episode 2 is called, “They Walk Among Us” and Episode 3 is called, “The Casket.” After the Pilot sets the stage for the rest of the series, each episode picks up where the previous one left off. Below is a synopsis of the two-part Pilot (WGAw Registered ©2009-2014 King's Gate Media):

Episode 1: “Yesterday Today Was Tomorrow”

“Yesterday Today Was Tomorrow” establishes our main characters, Captain Zachariah “Zak” Randall and Jessica Caine as two people engaged to be married as soon as Zak finishes the last leg of his tour in Iraq, circa 2002. But that mission will prove to be a life-changing event for both of them.

Zak and his team were sent to Iraq on a secret mission to find weapons of mass destruction - but what they end up finding is far worse than anything a ruthless dictator could stockpile. Using ground penetrating radar, Zak leads his team into an underground tunnel that was discovered deep inside a hillside in a remote desert region of Nippur, Iraq. What started out as a routine search for weapons, turns into a very intriguing mystery involving strange, ancient artifacts and a sealed cave that was never meant to be opened.

After a terrifying encounter with the imprisoned fallen angel Azazel, Zak's team gets wiped out and he barely escapes with his life. Emerging from the cave of Dudael, a badly wounded Zak is met by a wizard-like Bedouin who heals him, but then mysteriously transports him out of time and space.

Zak returns seven and a half years later (on July 11th, 2010) only to find himself in an Arizona desert region, two hours north of Tucson, totally confused and disconnected from all he knew and loved. His quest to find answers begins here. Using whatever means are available, Zak makes his way from the remote desert region down to Tombstone, Arizona, where he meets with his very surprise father, retired Colonel Grant Randall.

Meanwhile, believing Zak was killed in Iraq , his (former) fiancée Jessica Caine has moved on with her life. She is a reporter with the Dallas Morning News. Together with staff photographer, Sam Hernandez, they end up following a lead on a story that takes them to the Hick's farm in northern TX. There, they discover a very large crop circle formation. Things get even stranger when Sam discovers that this formation, which appeared on July 11, 2010 looks exactly like the famous "pictogram" which appeared in Wiltshire, England twenty years prior - to the day!

The military shows up at the Hick's farm with intentions of removing all traces of this crop circle. But someone or something doesn't want it destroyed. Among other things, the crop circles can heal physical ailments and they also seem to have a power that draws people to them. Jessica is one such person.

Jessica’s connection to this crop circle goes much deeper than the fascination of a news reporter. The last thing we see is a young man named Immanuel walking down a long hallway in the secret, underground, military base at Dulce, New Mexico. We follow him down another hallway that leads to a series of containment cells. There, we see that each one contains strange animal-human hybrid creatures and pregnant women being held against their will. And one of them is Jessica Caine!


Episode 2 picks up where we left off. After finally finding his way to his father, retired Colonel Grant Randall’s house in Tombstone, AZ, Zak is given instructions and the keys to a very nice, fully restored 70’s era muscle car. At his father’s insistence, Zak drives to Portal, AZ where he will spend the night, safe from those who may come looking for him.

The Agartha Mission that ended so badly in the Iraqi desert back in 2002 was the brainchild of General Victor Karydis. For the past seven and a half years there have been only unanswered questions about what really happened out there on that fateful night. So, when the general finds out that Zak is alive he becomes obsessed with capturing him.

But the Department of Defense is not the only one interested Zak. The plot thickens when a beautiful, seductive woman named, Semjase shows up in Zak’s cabin the next morning. She takes him away from there and leads him to a secret research facility in the Arizona desert.

Meanwhile, Jessie has been returned to her apartment, having no memory of ever being abducted. Later, together again with Sam, they continue their investigation of the mysterious crop circle that has now become a “healing zone.”

Episode 2 also introduces two new characters: Jessica’s brother Seth, and Christy Kim.

Seth, for reasons as yet unknown is living in a mental health facility with an acute case of glossolalia. His strange tongues draw the attention of Dr. Ibrahim Sadozai, a specialist in brain neurology. After observing Seth and his father, Dr. Sadozai offers to help.

Christy Kim is a disciple of the mysterious Bedouin. She gets assigned to help Zak who has become the unwitting prisoner of Semjase and Dr. Otto Traub, the leader of the secret Arizona research facility. A master at martial arts, Christy also has the unusual ability of making herself invisible. Using this gift, she manages to infiltrate the facility and enter Zak’s room undetected.

Unaware of the true horrors that take place in the underground labs, Zak agrees to go with Semjase to a formal banquet, where he is to be the main subject of discussion. The last thing we see is a terrifying room housing an ancient Egyptian device that can literally rip a human soul out of their body and place it into a containment cell.

Every episode will contain ancient clues, which will affect the action taking place in the present and lead to a greater understanding of what is to come in the future. Similar to the format of Lost, SEED the series will follow a "comic book" model: Action in the present, references to the past, with each episode ending on a cliff-hanger.

Each of the planned 6 seasons has a theme and there is an overall story arc, which will span the entire series, leading to a conclusion on episode 72.

Below is a snapshot of what we invision for the cast. NOTE: None of the actors pictured here have been attached. They are merely being depicted here to show the "type" of person we are looking for. CLICK HERE for character breakdowns.

A little from a lot can go a long way!

We have a projected budget of $1 million per episode. These days, that is less than most mainstream TV shows in this genre. But the series will be shot in Texas to take advantage of state incentives and to avoid the high costs of shooting in Los Angeles. In this way, we hope to achieve the same high quality production values, but at a fraction of the usual Hollywood budget.

The typical route for most episodic television is to get financed through a studio or a network (like NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, etc.). But it is true that the borrower is always slave to the lender. If we go that route, the studios can censor us, control our content and cancel us if they feel they aren't getting the "ratings" they need to justify the expense. With a series like SEED, that involves too many risks - both for you the viewer as well as for us as the creators of the series.

How many times have you become hooked
on a TV series that got cancelled before
the storyline was completed?

We have an outline for 72 powerful episodes that we believe must be told. Therefore, we are putting the "control" in the hands of the audience. This will ensure that your new favorite series will stay "on the air" and that your voice is heard. But we can not do it alone. We need your help to do this. Would you consider partnering with us? CLICK HERE to find out how.

If you'd like to read our Executive Summary and promotional materials before making your decision, please click on the image to the left or CLICK HERE.


Would you like to see SEED the series become a reality?

Right from the start, this has been a grass roots effort because we believe it is not necessary to sell out to big, corporate controlled media in order to get this project out to the masses. We have the power and the technology to do this ourselves. All we lack is the funding to get started. But with your help, we can get that too! With enough interest, we can show potential investors and independent production and distribution companies that there is a built-in market for SEED, which will help us get the ball rolling that much faster! All we need you to do is simply fill out the form below and click the "SHOW IT!" button.

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