There are many ways you can get involved with SEED the series. One of those ways is as an screen actor and voice talent. Of course, we will be going through the usual casting process that any professional TV show or movie goes through. However, as a grass roots effort, we are also looking for new talent at the local and regional level.


We are opening this site up for YouTube casting submissions. By entering your submission, you understand that this does not guarantee you will get the part. It only makes you eligible for consideration. You understand that your submission will be seen by anyone viewing this site as well as casting agents, directors and producers. You release to Rob Skiba and King's Gate Media, LLC all rights to your submitted YouTube demo reel: allowing the producers/agents/directors to use the footage in any way they deem necessary for the promotion and development of SEED the series. You understand that no warrantees, guarantees, and/or promises of any kind are being made by anyone associated with this project.

We are still in the pre-production/development stage of this project. Therefore, we do not yet have the funds to pay for any involvement you may contribute. Once we are fully funded, new contracts will be drawn up for anyone we wish to hire on a full or part-time basis.

What we'll need from you:

In order to have all of the submissions look as close to the same as possble, the producers have asked that you dress in accordance with the character description given on each page. Please stand in front of a black background and light the scene something like this:

To get a good understanding of what we are looking for, you can check out each character from the lefthand menu above.





NOTE: All proceeds collected from this page will go directly toward the Live Action Series project.


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