Ever since the first SEED script was written back in 2009, it has always been designed to be a live action video series. When it is finally produced as such, you will be able to view each episode on the SHOW page.

Initially, (back in 2010) we did not have the resources to produce a live action Trailer, so Rob Skiba created a Pre-visualization Concept Animation to show people what we have planned. While this Trailer did help to gain a lot of exposure, many assumed the series was going to be animated. It is not. See the original Trailer:

In July of 2013, we began to plan a live action shoot to redo the Trailer. Those plans included a complete reworking of the Azazel creature, that would be more photo-realistic in order to blend with the actors. Early tests look promising. Below is a composite of the first Trailer combined with new animations of Azazel:

While planning the live action reshoot, we were approached by Emmy award-winning film composer, Scott Rockenfield, who offered to create an original piece of music for the Trailer and for the opening theme track. The following represents that new piece of music along with live action elements being incorporated:

Plans are also in motion to produce an Audio Drama version of each script. This will be much like the old time radio programs our parents and grandparents grew up with. So far we have produced 3 Audio Drama presentations. More are on the way. To listen CLICK HERE.

We still need to raise $5 million in order to begin production and a total of $15 million to shoot the 6 episode introductory mini-series. Each episode has a projected $1.5 million budget. This budget will ensure that SEED has the same production value you have come to enjoy in some of your favorite shows in the same genre. Thus, the $5 million we are seeking will finance the first 3 episodes (which will be shot at once) and provide additional capital for prints, advertising and the on-line infrustructure to handle distribution.

We intend to do this series through crowd funding so that we may retain all of the rights, the show will never get censored nor have the content controlled by studio politics, nor be in danger of getting cancelled because some executive doesn't believe we have the ratings they desire. In essense, we are putting the control into the audience's hands. We believe that the Sci-Fi/Fantasy audience is large enough to support the series until it can become self-financed through advertising, subscriptions, DVD sales, etc.. We also subscribe to the "get a little from a lot" philosophy. Therefore, we have created 3 levels of subscription. We will need either 100,000 $3.33/mo. SEEDERS, 10,000 $33.33/mo. SOWERS, 1,000 $333.33/mo.PLANTERS and/or some combination of the above in order to make this happen. If you'd like to help us raise this money, select from the sidebar menu to the right (above). Every dollar collected through this page will go directly toward the SEED Live Action Series project only. The thermometer shows what we need to raise and what we have raised so far (updated at the end of each month).

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All proceeds collected from this page will go directly toward the advancement of the
Live-Action project.

Balance as of



The above amount raised represents the current available balance for this project. It does not reflect the total amount that has been raised since 2009. nor does it represent the total amount we will need for the series.

The goal of raising $150,000 is for pre-production expenses, which will be required in order to hire the various members of the team we will need to get this project off the ground and for shooting a live-action trailer, which hopefully will get people excited enough that we can raise the rest of the money needed to start shooting the actual episodes.

Money raised for this account is constantly being deposited and withdrawn as needed in accordance with the various production needs that arise for which we have the budget to meet. Thus far, the money has primarily gone toward two computers, cameras, lighting and other equipment, as well as SEED office and travel expenses. The SEED office alone costs $800/month.





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