Our new SEED office is finally set up!

by Rob Skiba 1/9/14

First, allow me to take a moment to thank those of you who have supported us over the past 3 years. You believed in us when we had next to nothing to show for it. That faithful support enabled us to accomplish much in a short period of time. Now, we are ready to finally take it all to the next level. Allow me to give you on a little tour of our new SEED office, and give you just a taste of the fruit that is budding from the "seeds" you've sown.

On December 31, 2013 we signed a one year contract with Regus for an office in the Colonnade building in Addison, TX. We are located at 15305 Dallas Pkwy, Suite 300 (office #24) and we could not be happier or more excited! Before I show you pictures of the new space, I have to tell you something really cool. Below is a picture of my car, parked for the first time in the parking garage of our building:

The first thing I noticed was the words "Level 1" - which is to be expected on the first floor of the garage. But, when I went to open the trunk to get some boxes out, I saw this:

Do you see it? How about here, on the other side:

On BOTH sides of my car, there was etched an 8-spoked wheel in the cement columns!

What's the big deal? Well, in my first SEED script (written back in 2009), I penned the following concerning my main character, Zak:


Zak arrives at a strange CRATER near a road. It appears to be a drainage ditch of some sort - swarming with insects. Standing on its ridge, he looks both ways and sees nothing but miles and miles of more miles and miles. He checks his WATCH: “16:44”

WE HEAR a slight BUZZING sound, then feeling a sting, Zak slaps the back of his neck. Checking his right hand, he sees the strange, dead BUG that had bitten him. Wiping it away, he notices an EIGHT SPOKED WHEEL embedded in the creases of his palm. He sits down on the ridge and inspects it for a moment. Then he grabs his canteen and finishing off the last of his water, he tosses the empty container.

That was my first clue that this may truly be just "Level 1" of a much bigger plan. :)

I officially began working on SEED full time on 1/7/14. That date has significance for me. My office number is:

2+4=6 + my first month 1 = 7 on the 7th day of 2014, which is 2+0+1+4=7. So, we end up with SEED getting it's new "Level 1" start on 777. Not bad! :)

Here is the outside of the building:

It is definitely a 5 star building! When you go up to the third floor, where we are located, this is the reception desk you will see:

Taking a brief tour, here is the first conference room available to us, which also has video conferencing ability:

If we need a larger space to hold a conference or meeting, we can use this one:

If that's not big enough, we can also reserve the even larger one that is on the first floor:

That's certainly a big plus for what we do! Continuing on with the tour of our floor, we come to the business lounge area and kitchen:

There are also printers, paper-cutters and more in the community business center. Needless to say, lots of amenities are now available to us in an extremely professional environment. Now to my humble 120 sq. ft. office. This is my primary work station:

The view from my desk:

Above, you see the scenes all laid out for SEED Episodes 1 and 2. I'll be jumping on Episode 3 soon. In the meantime, I'm preparing the script for character breakdowns in order to host a local casting call for actors who want to participate in the production of the SEED Audio Drama. This is where we will take the existing scripts and produce them as radio plays, just like the ones our parents used to listen to. I still have a little bit more prep to do before we are ready, but just about everyting is now in place and ready to go for us to begin recording soon (hopefully next month):

I currently have two recording stations set up, but may add a third:

When I was trying to figure out the best way to deaden the echo for audio recording, my wife showed me these cheap little bins she had just bought for her closet. They were a perfect fit for the microphones I had! All I need to do is add a little bit of accoustic foam to the inside and we've got two great little, mini sound booths!

We also intend to put the word out for interns who may want to help us. I currently have one PC workstation set up. Eventually, I will have a second Mac station to go with it.

Needless to say, we are very happy with our new Regus office space and we'll be shifting SEED into high-gear very soon. We'll be announcing the casting call probably by the end of the month. Stay tuned!


NOTE: All proceeds collected from this page will go directly toward the Live Action Series project.

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