We are in the process of taking the existing SEED screenplays and expanding them into fiction novels. In order to achieve this, Rob Skiba has contracted with another writer named Christopher Whitestone to co-write the first novel based on the Pilot Episode script. Their goal is to have the book completed by September 2018. But we will need your help to accomplish this goal.

A workman is worthy of his hire and Mr. Whitestone deserves to be paid for his hard work and talent. Fortunately, he has graciously agreed to a fee much lower than what a writer of his caliber is worth because he believes in the project. The problem is, at present, since SEED is still not funded, Rob is not able to pay Mr. Whitestone on his own. Therefore, we are reaching out to you, our audience for help.

For a tiny sampling of Mr. Whitestone's work, please click on the picture to the right. It will open up a PDF where you will see the Teaser for Episode 1, written by Rob Skiba, in screenplay format. It's not even 3 pages long. Mr. Whitestone has taken those few pages and turned them into more than 15 pages worth of novelized content! So this will give you a little taste of what's to come.

We are creating this book because ultimately, we believe it will do at least three things for us:

1) It will give us another tool to use for raising money in our crowd-funding efforts.

2) It will go into a lot more detail concerning the events of the Pilot Episode than you will see on TV.

3) It will help us build our audience even larger.

We need to raise a minimum of $1,500/month or a total of $10,000 in order to keep this project moving forward. Assuming we are able to complete the book by September 2018, we will publish it at the beginning of October and all proceeds from the sales of this book will be going toward the funding efforts for the live-action series.

As you can see from the thermometer to the right, we've already raised $2,000. This will secure Mr. Whitestone's time to write on the novel from now (April 15th) through the end of May. We will still have four more months to go, which will need to be funded in order to meet our goal.

If you would like to help make all of this happen, please select from the giving options below. The option on the left is for you to input whatever amount you would like to contribute - either one time or recurring. The option to the right is for pre-selected monthly contributions. Whichever one you choose, please accept our sincere appreciation and gratitude. We cannot do this without you.

Use the button below to contribute any amount of your choosing:

Use the menu below to contribute monthly:

All proceeds collected from the above links will go directly toward helping to fund the SEED Novel series.



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