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Probably the least expensive way we can get the stories of SEED out to the masses is via the medium of comic books. We can bring the story to life with pictures, while at the same time essentially create storyboards, which can be used later when we are ready to go into production of the TV series.

Each TV script is divided up into a Teaser and 5 Acts. Each of these will be produced as individual comic book issues. When the sixth issue is completed, we will then package them all up as one big graphic novel. Thus, we will get seven products per TV script. The profits generated from all of this will then be rolled into our goals for the TV series.

We have recently contracted a couple of artists to work on these comic books. So far, we are very pleased with the results and hope to have the first issue done by the end of August 2019. Our starting budget for this project is $15,000.  You can help make this happen! The status bar above shows where we currently are in real time. If you’d like to help move that blue bar further to the right, simply select a preset subscription amount from the list below or choose your own amount to contribute. We appreciate your support.

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