The first issue of the SEED comic book series is now in print and they look great!There were only 500 of these in print and each were numbered and signed by Rob Skiba.


As of Tuesday, March 10, 2020, we are officially  SOLD OUT of this Limited Collector’s Edition! But don’t worry. We will be placing an order for the regular version of this issue very soon (which will retail for $4.95).  Once they come in, you will be able to order them here. Stay tuned…


There are now three versions of our latest book, which feature the screenplays for the first four episodes of SEED:

SEED: The First Four Episodes – Basic Edition (240 pages), which includes a brief, five page General Overview of the project, a Preface and the four screenplays.

NOTE: The book is all in black and white and it retails on Amazon for $19.95.

SEED: The First Four Episodes – Special Edition (270 pages), which features an eight page General Overview, a Preface and twelve page Introduction by Rob Skiba, plus the four screenplays, along with artwork from the winners of the recent SEED Art Competitionas well as some additional illustrations from fans in a gallery at the back of the book.

NOTE: The book is all in black and white and it retails on Amazon for $29.95.

This book is also available as a full color digital download in PDF format for $15:



The original 6 pack series of DVDS pictured here have all now been digitally compressed into 1 DVD Rom! 
If sold separately as individual DVDs, it would cost over $150. The DVD 6 pack deal (below) sells for $100.
Now, you can get all of these video presentations together for just…

(+ shipping & handling)

The videos contained on this disc are not DVD files. They are digital (MP4) files, which means the videos will not play in your
standard DVD player. But they will play on any computer, equipped with a CD/DVD disc reader.

For the DVD versions of these same presentations, see the package deal listed below: