SEED the series is Rob Skiba’s proposed hour long, dramatic, 72 episode science-fiction series planned to span 6 seasons (with 12 episodes per season). It is designed to appeal to a broad audience with a story that is thought-provoking, intriguing and original. Our goal is to do this as an independent project so we can retain total creative control of the content. We also intend to utilize a Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime type of on-demand streaming video distribution model. The estimated budget is currently projected to be under $4 million per episode. Although, the first four episodes may be more expensive due to initial set, costume and creature design and the fact these episodes will require significantly more C.G.I. than many of the episodes, which will follow. If you think this budget is too high, please consider the budgets of comparable shows that you have probably already enjoyed in the past:

What sort of show will it be? We like to pitch it as…

Lost meets The Unit, wrapped up in The X-Files

Why? Because SEED will feature the same type of mystery and intrigue that made the show Lost so much fun to watch. It will have the same sort of appeal as shows like The Unit (which told stories incorporating elements of actual events with fiction within a military/geo-political framework), mixed in with scifi/government conspiracy themes similar to those of The X-Files. This type of format affords us the opportunity to make social, political and religious commentary in a non-offensive way, while at the same time revealing concepts and ideas, which can stimulate the mind.

In terms of our show's look, feel and general content, Fringe is probably another good example to which SEED would compare. Fringe ran from 2008 to 2013 and had the same episodic budget ($4 million) we're projecting SEED to cost. Adjusted for inflation, Fringe would be more expensive than SEED. And Lost also cost $4 million per episode (with at $14 million Pilot). So all things considered, we believe that's our reasonable target budget.


When a U.S. special forces team is sent to Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction, what they find becomes the catalyst for the final battle in a “seed war” that has been raging for nearly 6,000 years.

The series will explore “fringe topics” such as aliens, the paranormal and supernatural, as well as transhumanism, conspiracy theories, time travel and mind-control, among other things – much the same way shows like The X-Files, Fringe, The 4400, V, Alias, Doll House, Jericho, FlashForward, Almost Human, Extant, Continuum, Supernatural and Resurrection (among others) have done. But what sets SEED apart from these other shows is the vast amount of non-fiction research, which forms the foundation for the series. This research comes from ancient texts, which foretell our future. Thus, SEED won’t be just entertainment. Through this series, we will be exploring actual truths, which are stranger than fiction… in an entertaining way.


The keys to the FUTURE LIE buried in the past.

The Format of the Series

We will be following a “comic-book model” of story-telling. What does that mean? Back in the early 90’s, DC Comics decided to have Superman killed and then later Batman’s back was broken (as depicted in the cover art to the left). In both cases, we witnessed the apparent defeat of two of the biggest names in comic-books. Rob saw these as potential collector’s items, so he purchased all of the issues leading up to, and including these story lines as well those that followed, which led to the restoration of these comicbook super heroes. Reading them, he noticed a pattern of each issue referring back to something in the past, while telling a compelling story in the present, which inevitably ended in a cliff-hanger. This creative storytelling formula led to a $35/week comicbook buying spree (addiction), which lasted for years. In other words, he was hooked!

The TV series LOST followed a very similar formula. The show featured a large ensemble cast. Each episode contained flashbacks into their colorful backgrounds, while leading us on an intriguing adventure in the present, ending with a cliff-hanger. SEED will follow the same formula, with each episode containing ancient clues, which will affect the action taking place in the present and lead to a greater understanding of what is to come in the future.

Many shows start with an intriguing “Teaser” before the opening titles roll. With SEED, we will use our Teasers to tell an epic tale from ancient history, leading up to the present day over the course of the series. And each one will, in some way, have meaning relevant to the story taking place in a particular episode, while simultaneously revealing a “key” to understanding both the character’s and possibly our own future.

The series is structured for an overall, themed story arc to resolve per season. Therefore, each episode ends as a “to be continued.” After the Pilot sets the stage for the rest of the series, each episode picks up where the previous one left off. Each of the seasons will follow the same format, with the whole series ending with Season Six, which will tie everything together. The entire series has been outlined and as of January 2018, Rob Skiba has completed the scripts for the first six episodes – the first four of which were recently published together as a book to introduce people to the project. With this “mini-series” in hand, we are actively seeking other writers to join us in completing the first season.

In addition to the proposed live-action series, we also have a number of other related projects, currently in various stages of development. Click on each of the images below to learn more.