We have recently partnered with a couple of freelance artists named Yeysson Bellaiza (of Venezuela) and Antonio  de Zayas (of Spain) to begin working on the SEED Graphic Novel Series. Rob put out a challenge to create the three man crew of the Grumman TBF Avenger, featured in the first issue. Yeysson was quick to respond and proved to be a fantastic artist, beating out the competition. This is what he submitted to us for consideration of his talent:

We felt he more than captured the "attitude" and look we wanted, so he was immediately hired. After doing some more work for us, he requested his friend Antonio be brought on board to help and so we were off and running. As a sample of what they have done so far, here are the first 8 pages of the first issue currently in production (click to enlarge):

We believe the SEED story line is perfect for a comic book/graphic novel series and are hopeful that this venue will open up doors for us to expose SEED to a larger audience, while simultaneously using it as a vehicle to raise awareness as well as sales profits that can ultimately go toward the financing of the TV Series.

The goal is to produce six comic books per episodic TV script. We can do this because every television script is divided up into a Teaser and five Acts. We will produce one individual comic book for each. Then, once all six issues have been completed, we will bundle them up into one long graphic novel. This means that for every episodic script, we will actually end up with seven products; all of which will help build our audience, creating more awareness and support for the project!

Indeed, we are creating these comic books and graphic novels because we believe they will do at least five things for us:

  1. They will give us another tool to use for raising money in our crowd-funding efforts.
  2. We will be able to go into a lot more detail concerning the events of each episode than you will see on TV.
  3. They will help us build our audience even larger.
  4. These can be used as storyboards for directing the TV series.
  5. Ultimately, we hope to combine the comic book art with the SEED Audio Drama for use in creating an audio comic book app.

The first issue is complete and a PDF version of it is available for $2.50 by CLICKING HERE. It is also now in print and they look great!

There were only 500 of these in print and each were numbered and signed by Rob Skiba.


As of Tuesday, March 10, 2020, we are officially  SOLD OUT of this Limited Collector's Edition! But don't worry. We will be placing an order for the regular version of this issue very soon (which will retail for $4.95).  Once they come in, you will be able to order them here. Stay tuned...

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