There are now three versions of our latest book, which feature the screenplays for the first four episodes of SEED:

SEED: The First Four Episodes – Basic Edition (240 pages), which includes a brief, five page General Overview of the project, a Preface and the four screenplays.

NOTE: The book is all in black and white and it retails on Amazon for $19.95.

SEED: The First Four Episodes – Special Edition (270 pages), which features an eight page General Overview, a Preface and twelve page Introduction by Rob Skiba, plus the four screenplays, along with artwork from the winners of the recent SEED Art Competitionas well as some additional illustrations from fans in a gallery at the back of the book.

NOTE: The book is all in black and white and it retails on Amazon for $29.95.

This book is also available as a full color digital download in PDF format for $15:

SEED: The First Four Episodes – Limited Collector’s Edition (270 pages). This is a “Limited Collector’s Edition” because we will only be printing a total of 3,000 copies of this book and then that’s it. So, if you do end up buying one, hold on to it. Someday, it may truly be worth something as a collector’s item. This version has the same features as the Special Edition but is in full color. The first page shows the print number out of 3,000 for each book, authenticated and signed by Rob Skiba.

Since this is a “Limited Collector’s Edition” the price will go up every thousand copies. So, from 1 – 1,000, the price is $49.95 each. From 1,001 to 2,000, the price will go up to $59.95. And finally, the last thousand copies will cost $69.95 each. This is due to supply and demand and also to help us in our efforts to raise more money for the purpose of crowd-funding the live-action, television series.

NOTE: There is no way to assign a print number to each book through Amazon. Therefore, you should NOT buy it there, nor anywhere else but here on this site. This way we can certify the copy as authentic and issue the print number out of 3,000. Once the total number of 3,000 copies printed is reached, we will be removing the book from print.

with $5 Media Mail Shipping Service

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with $25 INTERNATIONAL Service


All profits from the sales of these books will be going toward the goal of financing the live-action series.