There are many ways you can get involved with SEED the series. One of those ways is as a voice actor in our SEED Audio Drama series. What is that all about? Well, before movies and television, there was radio. Perhaps your parents or grandparents grew up listening to the old Flash Gordon, Lone Ranger or Mystery Theater radio dramas. Believe it or not, that sort of thing is actually making a comeback. Nowadays you can get a good book or novel as a dramatized audio book. The Holy Bible has even been dramatized, with music, sound effects and multiple characters being played by professional actors and a narrator to carry you through the reading. Therefore, until we are funded for the TV series, we have decided to do our existing scripts as a multi-part audio drama in order to build our audience and create more awareness for the project.

Notice to Actors/Voice Talent:

We still have not cast everyone we need for this project yet. If interested in auditioning, CLICK HERE.


We took the bulk of the original Pilot Episode (which is now Episode 3) and adapted the story for radio. This was done back in 2014. In 2016, Rob began a total re-write of the existing scripts, thus creating a whole new Pilot. So, in the very near future, we'll be restarting the Audio Drama, beginning with the new Pilot Episode. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy our Freshman attempt at converting the SEED TV scripts into a radio style format.

Prologue: The Bedouin Keeps Watch:

Episode 1: The Agartha Mission:

Episode 2: The Cave:



As the voices of:

The Narrator

SFC. Pierce

Military Call-Sign:

MSGT. Calhoun

Military Call-Sign:

Rick Hummer is a very talented man, gifted with the kind of voice versitile enough to play multiple parts. Here is a behind the scenes clip of Rick playing both SFC. Danny Pierce and MSGT. Allen Calhoun:


as the voice of:

Zak Randall

Military Call-Sign: “Pheonix”

Shane Land was introduced to acting by Rich Christensen, most notably known for his starring role in the hit television series Pinks on Speed Television.  His persistence, coaching and work ethic molded Shane with positive acting traits early on. Despite a later start, Shane has always been fascinated with acting. After following a traditional career path in which Shane earned both BBA and MBA degrees while developing a career in the professional business world, Shane quickly transitioned to a full-time actor/model and is currently represented by the Kim Dawson Agency.

Most recently, Shane was in the blockbuster hit Olympus Has Fallen as Agent Davis.  The film, directed by award winning Antonie Fuqua, starred Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart.  Post-production also continues on Jailwagon, in which Shane co-stars with Sheree J Wilson.  In addition, Shane has starred in many independent films, industrials and commercial productions.  Shane continues to work with talented acting coaches to further his career.

Shane is thrilled to be working with us, playing the lead role of Cpt. Zak Randall in SEED and we are very happy to have him as part of the audio drama team.


as the voice of:

Jessica Caine

April Hartman is an actor, born in the small town of Bedford, Indiana, and is the youngest of eight children.  She began performing comedy routines and dance routines at a young age to entertain family and friends.  She moved to Texas at age 7 with her mom and older sister and at age 11 she auditioned and made it into the Texas Girls Choir.  She performed concerts for local stations, recorded two albums, traveled the state with the Choir, and started acting in musical productions.   April continued performing in theater throughout her school years.

After school April took a 12 year break from acting to get a degree and raise her son.   She finally returned and secured an agent in Dallas and began her dream again.  She now has over 20 features, over 30 short films, several commercials, theatre, and voice-overs on her resume.   April has had films in the Cannes film festival, USA film festival, San Antonio Christian film festival and Bare Bones International Film Festival.  Her film Damage-Joy won best comedy short at the 2014 Bare Bones festival and she received a nomination for best actress in the film.  She is currently represented by Linda McAlister Talent in Dallas and Action Talent agency in Mississippi.

April has also appeared in another production by Rob Skiba called The Protean Field. We are very happy to be working with her again, on the SEED audio drama team.


as the voice of

Major General Victor Karydis

Military Call-Sign:

Robert A. Skiba, Sr., a retired Army officer holds a university bachelors’s degree in film and television production and experience acting in community stage productions during his off-duty time. He is a decorated combat helicopter pilot (Distinguished Flying Cross) with over 35 years experience including service in Vietnam (Call sign “Warlord 13”) through Operation Desert Storm retiring in 2002. His non-combat military service included duty as an instructor pilot in flight proficiency and combat tactics. In this capacity he has written, acted in, directed and produced dozens of military training films and videos specific to flight and other military related subjects for the US Army Primary Helicopter Training Center.

Additionally, he has extensive experience writing and directing several corporate technical video training programs for Fortune 500 companies. His combat experience, extensive military background, plus his film, television production, community theater and corporate video acting experiences all bring a unique wealth of talents to the SEEDseries.

Robert A. Skiba, Sr. is of course the father of Rob Skiba. Beginning in the early years of Rob’s life, extending well into his early adulthood, the two would watch, analyze and comment on Loony Tunes episodes together. Over the years, this morphed into a shared interest in various science fiction series and movies as well.

Together with his wife Carolyn (Rob’s mother), they spend much of their retirement teaching advanced Biblical studies as well as being actively involved their children’s many activities. Their combined wisdom and understanding of the ancient texts and history certainly played a role in aiding Rob with his own studies, thus providing a solid foundation for the research behind the subject matter of SEED the series.

It goes without saying, but we are very proud to have him on the SEED audio drama team!


as the voice of:

Lt. Colonel Reginald Knight

Military Call-Sign:

Marty Ezelle is an experienced actor and producer who has worked on numerous independent films, television shows, and commercials, most notably as ICU Nurse on TNT’s Dallas.

He can be seen in the award-winning feature film Hiding In Plain Sight, a dramatic
narrative by M. Legend Brown about homelessness in America. Marty is also a producer on the project which is available for rental on Redbox. He also appeared as Officer Jones in The Inflicted along side Sid Haig (Halloween, The Devil’s Rejects, Jackie Brown) and in the award winning short films God’s Pub and When It’s Your Timedirected by Jay Gormley and Carolyn Hodge, respectively.

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, Marty is a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan. He
currently resides in Dallas where he is represented by Linda McAlister Talent.

Marty is no stranger to productions done by Rob Skiba. He also worked with us in another production called The Protean Field. We are very happy to be working with him again, on the SEED audio drama team.


as the voice of:


The Bedouin

Charles Duran


as the voice of:

Soldier #1

David Pyles has been heavily involved in theatre in the past, having had roles in a number of major productions, including Corey Ten Boom’s The Hiding Place, as well as  the role of Teviah in The Fiddler on the Roof and the lead role in the musical Bobby Sox. This experience coupled with being a U.S. Marine made David a prime candidate for a military role in SEED the series.

We welcome him to the audio drama team!


As the voice of:

(subbed for various  characters)

Rob Skiba is an award winning documentary filmmaker and the best-selling author of two books: Babylon Rising: And The First Shall Be Last and Archon Invasion: The Rise, Fall and Return of the Nephilim. As an “ancient Nephilim theorist,” Rob brings a unique and often unheard perspective to the UFO/alien discussion. As such, he has become an internationally recognized public speaker on these subjects, often appearing on paranormal and prophecy talk shows and as a featured, keynote speaker at conferences all around the world.

He has been an actor since the founding of his High School Drama Club in 1986, having appeared in numerous theatrical presentations across the country and several corporate and independent projects.

As a graduate of the Hollywood Film Institute, his life-long dream has been to produce powerful television and motion picture productions. He is currently working full-time on the development and production of SEED.


As the voices of:

SSgt. Reynolds

Military Call-Sign:

Preston Hare was born in Tennessee but raised in Texas from the age of two. By the age of six, with the influences of Star Wars and the TV show The Fall Guy to guide him, Preston wanted to be either a stuntman, actor, or special effects designer when he grew up. Or all of them at the same time. He performed in high school theatre productions all 4 years of high school and won UIL acting awards every year. He says those theatre productions were the most fun, memorable, and fulfilling times of his high school experience.

Because of lack of film and television classes at the local college, he majored in photography and digital imaging instead, which led Preston into a career as a professional photographer for the past 16+ years. The acting bug was never far behind however and Preston is now actively following his desire as an actor and voice actor. He is married with two children and lives in Garland, TX and we are proud to have him on the SEED Agartha Team.


As the voice of:

Sgt. Lewis Martinez

Military Call-Sign:

Arturo Portillo was influenced by movies and television shows at a very early age. His fascination grew as time went on, writing screenplays and working on indie films here and there. But it wasn’t until 2005, after graduating college and working at a local television news station that he got the role of a lifetime! He auditioned for the role of a Mexican Soldier for a movie titled, RX, directed by an up and coming director who has gone on to work on big projects. From there, he has gotten the opportunity to work along side Robert Downey, Jr. as his photo double on DUE DATE, a lead role in an independent film titled, ILLEGAL and has also won awards for his screenwriting. He currently has a full lineup of films he’s either acting in, editing or screenwriting. His biggest goal is to make his horror movie, WHEN DARKNESS FALLS, a reality working along side actor Robert Englund for one of the main roles in a script he has been writing since 1990 when he was 11 years old.

We welcome Arturo to the SEED Argartha Team.


As the voice of:

SSgt. Jakes

Military Call-Sign:

Lance Russell began acting in high school on stage with various school musicals and competitions.  He left the hobby for a while during college but picked it up again during the beginning of the digital film revolution.  He has worked on numerous shorts and 3 feature length films as a principle or supporting role and has been nominated for best actor in film festivals.

He holds a B.S. in Information Technology Management, plays guitar and sings and on occasion braves the open mic comedy scene.

We welcome Lance to the SEED Agartha Team.