Ever since the first SEED script was written back in 2009, it has always been designed to be a live action video series. But initially, (back in 2009-2010) we did not have the resources to produce a live action Trailer, so Rob Skiba created a pre-visualization concept animation to show people what we have planned:

While this Trailer did help to gain a lot of exposure, many assumed the series was going to be an animated cartoon series. It is not. So in an effort to change this perception, in July of 2013, we began to plan a live action shoot to redo the Trailer. Naturally, those plans would require a complete reworking of the Azazel creature, that would be more photo-realistic in order to blend with the actors. Early tests looked promising. Below is a composite of the first Trailer combined with some of the newer animations of Azazel:

While planning the live action reshoot, we were approached by Emmy award-winning film composer, Scott Rockenfield, who offered to create an original piece of music for the Trailer and for the opening theme track. The following represents that new piece of music along with live action elements being incorporated:

Frustrated that we were far from having the budget needed to be able to do a whole lot in terms of shooting live action, we decided to take our existing scripts and begin working on them as audio dramas. This was the result of our 2014 freshman efforts:

Then, in 2015, Rob Skiba's attention was diverted into more research, which soon led to complete re-writes of all existing scripts up to that time. The result of those efforts paid off, with many improvements to the original story and overall  concept. As of January 2019, we now have six completed scripts, four of which were published as a book in 2018, which you can purchase by CLICKING HERE or on the picture to the left.

What was originally the Pilot Episode and the inspiration for the above audio drama adaptations became the climax of Episode 3, with two new stories now coming before it. So, plans are currently in motion to begin working on the audio drama series once again, starting with the new Pilot Episode.

As stated above, right from the start, SEED was always planned to be a live-action TV series. But Rob recently watched the movie Beowulf, which was an all CGI movie. He was quite inspired by the photo-realistic technology depicted in it. If you are unfamiliar with this movie, see the Trailer below:

Keep in mind, that was 12 years ago! The technology has only significantly improved since then. Take the trailer for the new (2019) Lion King movie for instance:

Between advanced Image Metrics Faceware and other recent advancements in CGI character modeling and animation capabilities, we're now thinking that realistic animation is the way to go for SEED as opposed to shooting it as live-action. Especially when you consider these days even the average person can download FREE software and immediately start working with photorealistic models, with tools like DAZ3D:

So the series can still LOOK LIKE live-action, but be 100% CGI. And there are many advantages to this approach. We also believe doing it this way may be a lot cheaper (at least in the long run), while affording us the opportunity to basically do anything we can imagine – which would be significantly more challenging (and expensive) to do with a live action shoot. Instead of having to blend live action with CGI, the whole thing can be done CGI… but still look amazingly close to live action. In short, we're definitely seeing lots of new and exciting possibilities here. To illustrate the state-of-the-art for this technology, check out the videos in this playlist we’ve just put together - and realize, some of these videos are already a few years old. The technology is just getting better and better:

Not long after coming to the conclusion that total CGI may be the way to go, Rob called his friend Keith Brock, who is a CGI and MOCAP industry pioneer. As a result, a potentially huge future partnership may be the works. Stand by for more as things develop in this regard.

In the meantime, please take the time to watch the following videos, which explain more about the project and why we are doing it.


To see where we are with the project at the moment, please check out the Behind the Scenes playlist below:


To be honest, financially speaking, we're not a whole lot further down the road than we were a few years ago. According to our best estimates, we're in need of raising a minimum of $4 million and a total of more than $15 million to shoot the first 6 episodes (as a mini-series). As we move forward from the mini-series, our projected episodic budget is expected to reduce to about $2 million per episode. This is probably as low as we can go if we want to maintain the same level of production value most people are used to seeing in comparable shows in the same genre. But we have to walk before we can run. So, we've set our initial fund-raising goal at $150,000. This will help us hire some key production staff and enable us to begin pre-production, creating the tools and assets we'll need to make the bigger push for the full budget.

We have never wanted SEED to be part of the typical Hollywood studio system. Rather, we intend to do this series through crowd funding so that...

  1. we may retain all of the rights
  2. we will have total creative control over the project(s)
  3. the show will never get censored
  4. the content won't be controlled by studio politics
  5. the show will never be in danger of getting cancelled because some executive doesn't believe we have the ratings they desire.

In essence, we are putting the control into the audience's hands. We believe that the Sci-Fi/Fantasy audience is large enough to support the series until it can become self-financed through advertising, subscriptions, DVD sales, etc.. We also subscribe to the "get a little from a lot" philosophy. Therefore, we have created 3 levels of subscription. We will need either 300,000 $3.33/mo. SEEDERS, 30,000 $33.33/mo. SOWERS, 3,000 $333.33/mo. PLANTERS and/or some combination of the above in order to make this happen. If you'd like to help us raise this money, select from the options below. Every dollar collected through this page will go directly toward the SEED the Series TV project only. Again, we are not going through the Hollywood studio system, so the future of this project really is in our hands. Will you join with us?



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And be sure to specify what project you would like the funds to go toward. If nothing is specified, it will go into the general support fund.


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