The following playlist details the 11 year journey of getting SEED from ideas scribbled on napkins to the completion of the Teaser for the Pilot Episode – SEED: Paradise Lost.

Now that you’ve seen the Teaser, you may be asking, “What happens next?” Well, it depends on what you have in mind by that question. Here are some quick links depending on what you’d like to know:


The Teaser sets the stage for Act 1 of the Pilot Episode. After the Opening Title Credits, we come back to discover we have moved forward to the year 2002. We are soon introduced to Lieutenant Caine’s son, Dr. Norman Vincent Caine. Norman’s religious background combined with the knowledge of his father’s experiences in the Solomon Island have led him to become a full-time researcher, popular author and public speaker. His opening monologue lays out the blueprint for the trajectory of the rest of the series.

In wake of 9/11, Norman has become known as a “Conspiracy Theorist” and he tells a packed audience of Omegamania Conference attendees that our troops aren’t really headed for Afghanistan and Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction. Rather he says… “It’s not about oil or capturing Osama bin Laden either. No. They are looking for something – something big. And when they find it… or should I say him, it will herald the beginning of the End.”

Next we find ourselves following Lieutenant Zak Randall and his squad of Special Forces operators up a mountain ridge in Kandahar, Afghanistan. There, the team encounters a similar giant to the one Lieutenant Caine had seen in the Solomon Islands sixty years prior. They lose one team member before finally taking the twelve foot tall, cannibalistic creature down.

As a result of this (and other similar reported encounters) General Victor Karydis and an as yet unspecified number of international bankers and high ranking officials at the Pentagon seize the opportunity to take advantage of the $2.3 trillion Donald Rumsfeld had announced missing on September 10, 2001. They form a plan to create a specialized subdivision of the Joint Special Forces in order to deal with such unusual and emerging threats and challenges as giants, strange hybrid creatures, “aliens,” U.F.O.s and the like. Thus, the S.E.E.D. (Supernatural and Extra-terrestrial Exploration and Defense) division was created.

Three six man S.E.E.D. units are initially formed to operate under the direct command of General Karydis. Below him is Colonel William Baldwin, who is in charge of unit training and logistics. The general’s first choice to lead the S.E.E.D. ground units is Lieutenant Zak Randall.

Once he accepts the offer to join S.E.E.D., Zak is then promoted to the rank of Captain and thus becomes the Alpha Team leader and the troop commander for all three teams, reporting directly to General Karydis before, during and after all field operations. Most of the Pilot Episode involves Zak recruiting the rest of the team members.

By the end of Episode 1, we see that the S.E.E.D. command and control center operates in a vast Deep Underground Military Base (D.U.M.B.), located largely under Fort Huachuca in southern Arizona. Known as Fort Menes, this facility connects with both the Area 51 and Dulce, New Mexico D.U.M.B.s, forming what has become known as the Wonderland Triangle. Extreme high-speed mag-lift subways are used to travel between these and other D.U.M.B.s across the country. Needless to say, it’s an impressive sight and this is the last thing we see when the Pilot Episode ends.

The following is a high-level outline summary for each section of the first script:


Teaser: Lieutenant Caine and his Avenger crew are on a secret mission, scouting the Solomon Islands in January of 1942, when two Japanese Zeroes attack causing the Avenger to crash in a shallow river. Being the only survivor, Lieutenant Caine soon finds himself in a shootout with three Japanese soldiers. But the fight is cut short by a giant who takes out two of the three.

Act 1: The story moves forward sixty years and begins in a hotel ballroom on April 28, 2002, with a conference featuring Dr. Norman Vincent Caine as the keynote speaker. His lecture sets the stage for the entire series by discussing The Genesis Six Experiment, giants, hybrids, UFOs, the alien agenda and government conspiracies to usher in the New World Order.

We then move to Afghanistan, where we see U.S. Special Forces operators, led by Lieutenant Zechariah (Zak) Randall, engage another giant. One team member – Staff Sergeant Daniels – is killed in the battle. The giant is then shipped to Wright-Patterson, A.F.B., where we are first introduced to General Victor Karydis.

Act 2:  Zak meets with General Karydis following Daniel’s funeral. Karydis offers Zak the opportunity to command a new unit known as the S.E.E.D. Project. We learn that S.E.E.D. is an acronym, which stands for Supernatural and Extra-Terrestrial Exploration and Defense. The project consists of three, six man teams and operates as a special subdivision of the Joint Special Forces, answering directly to General Karydis. Zak agrees to take the job so long as he can choose the men for the teams.

Act 3: Zak recruits his childhood best-friend, Lieutenant Reggie Knight and one of his former drill instructors and prior unit operator, First Sergeant Calhoun, who helps him recruit more candidates.

Act 4: By this time, Zak has recently proposed to Norman’s daughter Jessica and they move into their new home in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Zak’s father, Colonel Grant Randall pays him a visit and warns him to watch his back with Karydis (who he himself once served with in Vietnam). Grant’s warnings seem justified when we next see Karydis meeting with a mysterious “Thin Man” who appears to be someone of importance, likely controlling the general from behind the scenes.

Act 5: General Karydis commissions Colonel Baldwin to be the one to train the three new S.E.E.D. teams. The men of S.E.E.D. undergo various medical tests and physicals. Their blood is then taken from the men by two doctors, who receive the “green light” by Baldwin to do something with the samples. Baldwin then proceeds to show the teams Ft. Menes, which is a brand new Deep Underground Military Base (D.U.M.B.), located below Ft. Huachuca.

You can read all of Episode 1 script for free by CLICKING HERE.

If you’d like to continue reading the next three episodes, you may consider getting one of the various versions we’ve published of the first four scripts all contained in one volume:

SEED: The First Four Episodes – Basic Edition (240 pages), which includes a brief, five page General Overview of the project, a Preface and the four screenplays.

NOTE: The book is all in black and white and it retails on Amazon for $19.95.

SEED: The First Four Episodes – Special Edition (270 pages), which features an eight page General Overview, a Preface and twelve page Introduction by Rob Skiba, plus the four screenplays, along with artwork from the winners of the recent SEED Art Competitionas well as some additional illustrations from fans in a gallery at the back of the book.

NOTE: The book is all in black and white and it retails on Amazon for $29.95.

This book is also available as a full color digital download in PDF format for $15:

SEED: The First Four Episodes – Limited Collector’s Edition (270 pages). This is a “Limited Collector’s Edition” because we will only be printing a total of 3,000 copies of this book and then that’s it. So, if you do end up buying one, hold on to it. Someday, it may truly be worth something as a collector’s item. This version has the same features as the Special Edition but is in full color. The first page shows the print number out of 3,000 for each book, authenticated and signed by Rob Skiba.

Since this is a “Limited Collector’s Edition” the price will go up every thousand copies. So, from 1 – 1,000, the price is $49.95 each. From 1,001 to 2,000, the price will go up to $59.95. And finally, the last thousand copies will cost $69.95 each. This is due to supply and demand and also to help us in our efforts to raise more money for the purpose of crowd-funding the live-action, television series.

NOTE: There is no way to assign a print number to each book through Amazon. Therefore, you should NOT buy it there, nor anywhere else but here on this site. This way we can certify the copy as authentic and issue the print number out of 3,000. Once the total number of 3,000 copies printed is reached, we will be removing the book from print.

with $5 Media Mail Shipping Service

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All profits from the sales of these books will be going toward
the goal of financing the live-action series.


As you saw in the Filmmaker’s Journey series, we are not doing this through the traditional Hollywood studio system. We have always intended to have this be a crowdfunded project. So, how much do we need to raise? Well, the budget for most TV shows of similar genre is easily $3 million to $4 million per episode. Some shows even exceed $10 million (for instance, shows like Game of Thrones and The Mandalorian had/have budgets as high as $15 million per episode). Based on a reasonable comparison of comparable shows of similar genre, we are currently estimating our episodic budget to be under $4 million. But before we can even think about trying to raise that kind of money, we have some short-term goals to achieve first. The following is a general summary of our step-by-step plan and what we believe we’ll need to accomplish it:

  • $100,000 is the bare minimum needed to get the ball rolling. UPDATE: We reached this first goal in September of 2019. By November, we began using that money to create a photo-realistic, 3D animated version of the first comic book to serve as the Teaser for the Pilot Episode of the TV series. In order to get the most “bang for the buck,” we contracted with a South African production studio and you’ve just seen the results of that endeavor. So now we need to move on to our other goals…
  • $250,000. This will give us the opportunity to continue production beyond the Teaser and enable us to hire some more people to help facilitate production in Dallas, Texas.
  • $500,000 is basically the bare minimum to rent (or build) a studio and hire some key animation and CGI artists to work with in-house so we can begin the process of creating all of the 3D assets we’ll need in order to get started working on the first few scripts.
  • $4 million is the estimated episodic budget and thus should enable us to get at least Episode 1 produced. (CLICK HERE and HERE to see how we came to this number).
  • $12 million should enable us to do the first 3 episodes (which is actually the 3 part Pilot for the series).
  • $15 million should enable us to do the first 4 episodes included in the above mentioned script book.
  • $20 million should enable us to do all of the above and give us an additional $5 million to sink into advertising, marketing and building our own proprietary infrastructure (to essentially become our own version of a Netflix type of platform).

Why so much money? Well, if you’ve seen the above referenced Filmmaker’s Journey videos, you can see how much work is involved and how many people it takes to make something like this happen. The bottom line is, it takes millions/billions of dollars to reach/impact/influence millions/billions of people through dramatic, high-quality media. Think about it. How many people have been influenced by a show like Star Trek alone? Arguably, at least the same number of people as the dollars it took to finance all the different TV series and movies in that franchise. It’s practically a one-to-one ratio. And that’s just one franchise. The Enemy has done the same with thousands of franchises – thus relentlessly having a profound impact on cultures all around the world for decades.

Consider some of the most common themes we’ve seen in Blockbuster movies and TV shows over the past few decades:

  • The son of god saves the world (problem is it’s always the wrong son of the wrong god).
  • Superhuman hybrids (Nephilim) save the world.
  • The Titans of “mythology” are the real answer to saving the world. So, they must return (this was actually the whole theme of the 2019 movie, Godzilla: King of the Monsters).
  • Reach for the stars… because we came from them.
  • Ancient Aliens seeded our world with the ingredients to kick-start evolution and “our parents” are coming back.
  • Forget religion. Embrace science (falsely so-called).
  • There is no God so anything goes. Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
  • Witchcraft is cool. You should try it.
  • LGBT has grown into LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual).
  • Men are horrible. Women need to rule everything (ironically as they depict women now doing the very things the SJW’s hate men for doing).

To further illustrate the point, please take 2 minutes and watch the following Trailer. It’s for a new animated TV series called Blood of Zeus (while keeping in mind, shows like this are being watched by millions of young people).

This is what we are competing against. Whether animated or live-action, this sort of thing is very popular… but of course, it’s not based on Scripture. We must Counteract the Counterfeit! And yes, there are many more shows just like this. Blood of Zeus is just one of the most recent to come out – all based on counterfeit retellings of what is in Scripture. So if you are as sick of this sort of thing as we are and would like to see something just as epic reach the WORLD (just as these other shows are doing), please consider supporting SEED.

You see, the Enemy knows how to raise millions in order to gross billions, while indoctrinating the same numbers of people worldwide at the same time. Just think how many TV shows and movies are produced every year with the above themes (and worse). All of that was easily funded. They come up with an idea and within months, they are funded and within a year, they are either in production or have already gone from concept to completion and are moving on to the next project.

Will you help us combat this? Our goal is to produce something with the same quality as anything else you’ve seen on Prime Time television, but with a message that counters their agenda(s) with the Biblical truths we believe. We can’t do this alone. We need your help. But don’t let the big numbers above intimidate you. Remember, we’re starting small. We already raised what we needed for our first goal. Now, we’re setting our sights on the bigger ones. And the large sums needed can just as easily be acquired by a lot of people giving as little as $20. Together, we can do this. So if you believe in what we are trying to do here, please spread the word and select from the buttons below to help us keep SEED moving forward.




If you’d prefer to send a check or money order, you can do so by sending to the following address, made payable to King’s Gate Media, LLC:

King’s Gate Media, LLC
PO Box 118461
Carrollton, TX 75011


If you saw the Filmmaker’s Journey series, you know what level of quality we are looking for – specifically in the field of 3D character creation and animation. If you have the talent, skill and desire to work with us, here are a variety of needs we currently have:






For more information on getting involved with this project, CLICK HERE.