There are many ways you can get involved with SEED the series. One of those ways is through the skill of script writing. We have a total of 72 episodes planned for SEED. Rob Skiba has written 6 scripts so far and fleshed out the outline and structure for the whole series. He is not going to write all 72 episodes however. That’s where you come in. Do you have the skills to write a 45-48 page, properly formatted television screenplay? If so, please contact Rob Skiba directly at and let him know about your experience and desire to work on this project. When you do, please be sure to write “Script Writing for SEED” in the subject line.


We are still in the pre-production/development stage of this project. Therefore, we may or may not yet have the funds to pay for any involvement you may contribute. You may also have to sign a Non-Disclosure and a document stating you fully understand that unless otherwise stated up-front, compensation is neither to be offered nor expected. Once we are partially and/or fully funded, new contracts will be drawn up for anyone we wish to hire on a contract, full or part-time basis.