There are many ways you can get involved with SEED the series. One of those ways is through music production. If this is appealing to you, please read the following and/or write to Rob Skiba directly at and be sure to write, “Music for SEED in the subject line”.


We are still in the pre-production/development stage of this project. Therefore, we may or may not yet have the funds to pay for any involvement you may contribute. You may also have to sign a Non-Disclosure and a document stating you fully understand that unless otherwise stated up-front, compensation is neither to be offered nor expected. Once we are partially and/or fully funded, new contracts will be drawn up for anyone we wish to hire on a contract, full or part-time basis.


Music really is a “supporting lead actor” in any production. It has the power to literally transport you to other places. It can evoke feelings of fear, excitement, fun, romance and a wide variety of other emotions. It can even be used to define individual characters in the narrative. And… it can make or break a film.

Music is going to play a big role in SEED. Right from the opening scene, our desire is to create a “feel” that is unique to this series. Therefore, the series’ theme track needs to have a memorable sound to it (like the theme from The X-Files) – something that immediately says, “SEED” to someone when they hear it.

The music currently in the trailer does what we want it to do, but it is not an original piece. Therefore, we are looking for musicians who can compose for episodic drama. As a way of “recruiting” we are offering the opportunity for musicians to try and create an original piece of music that will convey the same intensity and emotions of the piece currently in use. Care to take a shot at it?

Please note, this is not a “work for hire” scenario. We currently do not have the budget to pay for your work, therefore it is understood that you are the sole owner to the rights of whatever you produce and if we wish to use it, you will have to agree to grant us the permission to do so (in writing). Since the trailer we are currently using is for promotional and educational use only, no credit will appear on screen. However, we will be happy to give credit and a link to your web site anywhere the trailer appears on this web site.

If we like what you have done, we will probably ask you to work on an “Opening Title Montage” track that will ultimately become the theme music for the series. In addition, we have an idea for using Morse Code in music for the commercial tags. If your music is selected for the series, we will work to get you paid (at a negotiated rate) as soon as we have the production budget put into place and are able to do so.

If you desire to take on this challenge, below are the files that you can use to start working on it. PC users can right click the file and click “Save Target As” to download.

Here is the trailer for you to watch and get inspired:


SEEDTrailer.wav – this is the edited track I used for the trailer

WMV Video:

SEEDTrailer320.wmv – this is a half resolution version of the actual trailer (as it is now)
SEEDTrailerNM720.wmv – this is a full resolution version of the trailer without music

MOV Video: – this is a full resolution version of the actual trailer (as it is now) – this is a full resolution version of the trailer without music

Thank you for your willingness to support this series with your musical talents!