HELP WANTED! 3D Animator

OK. I’m finally in a position to start looking for potential paid help. I debated about what sort of position to fill first and have decided I am in the most need of a highly skilled 3D modeler and animator. What do I mean by highly skilled and what sort of animation am I looking for here? Take a look …


Possibly taking SEED in a new direction

Right from the start, I had always wanted SEED to be a live-action TV series. By this I mean as opposed to a cartoon or animated series. But I recently watched the movie Beowulf, which was an all CGI movie. Even though it was made in 2007, I have to say, while not perfect, the photo-realistic technology was still pretty …

The SEED Comic Book and Novel

This vlog summarizes the events of this past week (April 30 – May 4). In it, I discuss what’s happening with the book orders and why it’s taking so long. Please be patient. I haven’t even received my full inventory yet (still waiting on 200 books). I have received a few packages and immediately mailed a bunch out this week. …

Planning on reshooting the SEED Trailer as live action

We made the original SEED Trailer back in 2010. It was done as a “concept animation” at the time because we did not have the budget to shoot it as live action. Well, all of that is about to change! We just bought a 3D HD camera and are planning to redo the Trailer as live action. The idea to …


Azazel Gets A Makeover

Once we realized we had the ability to do a live action shoot of the SEED Trailer, the first potential obstacle was the Azazel creature. Shooting live action sequences is easy. Creating a 3D character that looks photo-realistic enough to integrate with the live action is another. So, I upgraded some of my software and took another stab at Azazel. …