HELP WANTED! 3D Animator

OK. I’m finally in a position to start looking for potential paid help. I debated about what sort of position to fill first and have decided I am in the most need of a highly skilled 3D modeler and animator. What do I mean by highly skilled and what sort of animation am I looking for here? Take a look at this Trailer/Behind the Scenes video for the movie Tintin…

What is shown in the above video is precisely the type of animation and photo-realistic 3D modeling/texturing we need for SEED. The characters in Tintin are intentionally made to look like their comic book counterparts (many of which have exaggerated features). Our characters will look more like regular people. For instance, these are 3 characters I created using Daz3D Genesis 8 models (based on their comic book counterparts):

I’m currently working with a VISUAL FX house in South Africa to do our first “proof of concept” animated short for SEED using the above characters. We’ll be doing the expanded version of the Teaser for Episode 1 of the TV series, using the first issue of the comic book as our storyboard. I’m very excited about this project, but it’s only the beginning. While I am extremely happy with the people who are already involved overseas, I am really wanting to be able to do more in-house (here in Dallas), both to help in the interaction and exchange of 3D assets with the overseas studio as well as to do more stuff here that can compliment and/or add to what’s already being done.

At this time, I only have a budget to pay someone $25/hour (up to $1,000 per week) on a sub-contract basis. I am not yet in the position to pay someone full-time, with benefits and all that jazz. So, this will be more like a case-by-case freelance hire. For instance, sometimes I may need the creation of high quality 3D assets (fully textured and rigged). Other times, we may need to create animated sequences and/or facilitate the transfer of 3D assets from one software to another (e.g. from Daz3D Studio Pro to Unreal or Houdini). I have plenty of work to keep someone busy for a while (and a reasonable budget saved up to pay them for it).

The ideal candidate for this job will need to be highly proficient in the following software (because it’s what we have and it’s the pipeline we are currently using, working with the studio in South Africa):

The above are all software packages that I already own here at King’s Gate Media. I’ll have a state-of-the-art (PC) computer dedicated just for the purpose of utilizing this suite of software and it will be hosted at our new office in Plano, TX. So, you’ll have a nice, clean, professional, creative environment to work. Yes, I’ll need you to live in this general area as I will need to oversee and direct the work being done and have someone I can trust, locally to begin building our studio. This is a ground-floor opportunity. Industrial Light and Magic started out with a small team of guys who shared George Lucas’ vision for Star Wars and who wanted to help make something great happen. I’m now attempting to do something similar and am looking for the right team to join me. So, if you believe in my vision for SEED and you live in the north Dallas area, with the skills required for this project, please e-mail me at and include links to any demos you may have to show for your work.

Serious inquiries only.

Thank you.


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