Download SEED-related Research

As with all of my stuff, this information is available for free on YouTube (and probably elsewhere). But for those who want to have the digital MP4 files instead of watching on-line or DVD, I have now made them available for instant download here. Just click on the pic above to go to our digital download store. Please note also …

High Strangeness in Bisbee, AZ

So I started looking through the pics and videos I took while location scouting for SEED out in Arizona last week and thought I’d share this clip. Right after the cave and missile silo adventures (I posted last week), my next destination was Tombstone (briefly), then off to Bisbee. I had already written (back in 2009-2010) about some strange events …


What’s the status of SEED?

Some have wondered what is going on with my SEED project lately. Well, the short answer is that it is still moving forward… slowly. Yes, I did get side-tracked into all of the Flat Earth research I did over the past year, which has certainly consumed a lot of my time. At first, I was very concerned about this – as many others have been …

The MUST READ book if interested in creating a movie or TV series

No matter what your opinion is of George Lucas and Star Wars, if you have ANY ambition of getting into the entertainment business, this book is a MUST READ (click pic to go to the Amazon listing)! Whether you are struggling to write that first script, or you want to be a director, a producer, an actor, a casting agent, …