The MUST READ book if interested in creating a movie or TV series

No matter what your opinion is of George Lucas and Star Wars, if you have ANY ambition of getting into the entertainment business, this book is a MUST READ (click pic to go to the Amazon listing)!

Whether you are struggling to write that first script, or you want to be a director, a producer, an actor, a casting agent, a special effects guy, sound guy, model or set builder, concept and/or storyboard artist, lighting guy, director of photography, make-up artist, entertainment attorney… you name it, this book really shows what it takes to realize the dream from concept to creation. It is a fantastic “Behind the Scenes” 400 page book with lots of production stills, early script drafts, inside correspondence letters, interviews with cast and crew… in short, a really amazing story told from just about every angle you can imagine on how one of the most successful movies of all time got made… for less than $10 million (grossing just under a BILLION). If nothing else, it REALLY shows what can be done when a small group of talented people all share a common vision.

I am excited, because today, I am going to be talking with some very talented people who share the same vision I have for SEED. After 5 years of working solo on this, a creative and talented team is finally starting to develop and come together. Great things are in the works!

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