Preparing to host a SEED music competition

As I start working on the Audio Drama again, I think I’m going to host another competition for SEED. This time for music. If you want to get a head-start in terms of preparing for it, this is the kind of music I’m looking for:     Favorite tracks in the above Playlist are:   01 Five Years:   04 …

Seeds of Truth or Seeds of Lies?

So… I have been binge watching Star Trek: The Next Generation for the past few months. I’ve been doing this for two reasons:   1) I have always enjoyed that show. 2) I’m researching and learning techniques for good story-telling to help me as I continue to develop SEED.   I have many in my list of favorites, but a …


Industry Analysis and Importance of SEED

INDUSTRY ANALYSIS: Movies:  SCI-FI and Fantasy Films Are Big Business! According to the entertainment industry web site, Box Office Mojo, by the end of 2018, the U.S. box offices had grossed $11.9 billion.[1] The average for the past ten years is about the same. This proves Americans sure love their movies! But what kind of movies do they love most? …

Getting started on the Audio Drama again!

Just finished laying out the rough draft timing for Episode 1 of the all new SEED Audio Drama. Excited to be working on this again. Next up: laying down the narration by Rick Hummer. 👏🏻👏🏻 Still in need of three Japanese speaking male actors though. We will be holding casting calls soon. Stay tuned for more on that. In the meantime, I …


Possibly taking SEED in a new direction

Right from the start, I had always wanted SEED to be a live-action TV series. By this I mean as opposed to a cartoon or animated series. But I recently watched the movie Beowulf, which was an all CGI movie. Even though it was made in 2007, I have to say, while not perfect, the photo-realistic technology was still pretty …

What’s up with the multiples of 3 in SEED?

I hear this question quite often. Either that, or I find myself being accused of supposedly being a Freemason (or some other completely absurd piece of uninformed nonsense). I have a long and very public track record of speaking against Freemasonry, secret societies, the Illuminati, occult etc.. So, anyone making such claims against me or against this project are frankly …

Download SEED-related Research

As with all of my stuff, this information is available for free on YouTube (and probably elsewhere). But for those who want to have the digital MP4 files instead of watching on-line or DVD, I have now made them available for instant download here. Just click on the pic above to go to our digital download store. Please note also …

Why We Are Doing SEED

Many are now asking how come I’m not posting other video content anymore. First of all, I will be posting some more soon, but my primary focus nowadays is SEED. This video answers the question of why. Also, here is the link to see the video I referenced: /seed-vlogs

The SEED Comic Book and Novel

This vlog summarizes the events of this past week (April 30 – May 4). In it, I discuss what’s happening with the book orders and why it’s taking so long. Please be patient. I haven’t even received my full inventory yet (still waiting on 200 books). I have received a few packages and immediately mailed a bunch out this week. …