Seeds of Truth or Seeds of Lies?

So… I have been binge watching Star Trek: The Next Generation for the past few months. I’ve been doing this for two reasons:
1) I have always enjoyed that show.
2) I’m researching and learning techniques for good story-telling to help me as I continue to develop SEED.
I have many in my list of favorites, but a number of episodes from the last two seasons really stand out to me in terms of great story-telling and thought-provoking drama:
Season 5:
Seasons 6:
Last night, I watched the last one in this list – Episode 20 (#146). In this intriguing episode, Cpt. Picard’s archaeology mentor tries to lure him into leaving command of the Enterprise to go with him on an expedition that could lead to the greatest discovery of all time. Of course, Picard doesn’t accept the offer. But when he finds out his mentor is murdered, he tries to solve the mystery of what he was doing and why.
This leads to a “chase” to find clues scattered all over the galaxy. These clues are hidden in our DNA and the interested parties are the Federation (humans), the Klingons, the Cardassians and the Romulans – each of which have part of the DNA puzzle within them. Together, they finally solve the puzzle and the prize turns out to be a recording from a member of the most ancient civilization in the known universe. This 4 billion year old holographic projection explains to the four humanoid races why so many in the universe are bipedal in nature, containing most of the same, basic features. It is because this ancient (original) humanoid race had “seeded” the primordial oceans on countless planets with their DNA in order to kick-start “evolution.”
This was a very creative, well written and intriguing episode… seeding a LIE through science fiction. This is the sort of thing that has been literally programming us for decades. It’s thought provoking and well executed story-telling and when combined with countless other such seeds, over time, these things take root and become accepted as FACT.
Indeed, it is sooooo easy to see how the enemy has systematically been steering us away from the truth of Scripture by CONSTANTLY planting tiny seeds of doubt in our minds about it. Over a long period of time, the accumulative effect of this is to ultimately reject what the Bible has to say in favor of what we now “know” to be true.
This is the power of media to influence minds. And at least in America, people are consuming this sort of thing more than 5 hours a day – every day. This is one of the reasons (among many) why SEED needs to happen. Nothing in Scripture tells the world to come to the Church. Rather, we are commissioned to GO into the world. Where is the world? They are NOT sitting in churches. No. They are sitting in front of their TVs and computers and spending BILLIONS of dollars a year in the movie theaters consuming lies.
If we want to actually reach them, we need to be where they are. Hence… SEED.
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