SEED Comic book and Augmented Reality

Ok… all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The SEƎD comic book needs to be done like this. So, if you have any experience in this “Augmented Reality” type of thing, we definitely need to talk ASAP regarding a long-term relationship on this project. Just imagine the “seeds” I can plant into each story, with this type of interactivity!

These guys are authoring their graphic novels in the same software I have: Poser. Man am I getting excited about this!! The possibilities are endless!

I know how to do a fair amount of this myself, but I am way too limited in my time. I need to establish a small team of:

1) 3D model creators who can make anything from clothing to various props, settings, vehicles, etc. as needed – fully textured and Poser ready.
2) People proficient in Poser 10 and above.
3) A really good graphic artist who can do backgrounds and character development.
4) People who know how to program HTML5 graphic novel-style presentations and do this type of app programming for Augmented Reality integration.

This is definitely the year wherein I have to get out of the “one man show” routine. I need talented people who simply believe in the project and want to link arms with me to develop it. At this point in the game however, I can’t afford to pay anyone (yet). The idea would be to build this side of the project up as a way to get the message out in a cool and very compelling way in order to raise money for the TV series. The product should (hopefully) sell well enough that I can eventually start hiring people part-time, then eventually full-time too (I’m working for free too btw – and have been for 5 years now).

I definitely plan on continuing the Audio Drama series and I’d like to integrate it into the interactive graphic novel (with the AR). If you know how to do AR, please write to us at:

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