Major Website Overhaul

It’s been long overdue, but we’ve finally decided to give the SEED website a major overhaul. This new site will reveal a lot more than the old one did and provide more opportunity for people to get involved with any or all of the various projects associated with SEED. I’ve also incorporated some “thermometers” to show you our progress with some of the various goals we’ve set.

When we started this journey back in 2009, it was nothing but a dream, with notes scribbled on napkins and partially written scripts typed up on the computer. By April 1, 2010, my wife and I had left our full-time (good paying) jobs to pursue this dream full-time. Of course that meant we went from a decent, dual income living, to having no money at all (and quite literally living from miracle to miracle). As a result, we launched a subscription program that started as low as $3.33/mo. A handful of people believed enough in us, even when we had nothing to show for it, and signed up to support us. We then created other subscriptions of $33.33 and above and ran those subscriptions through our non-profit affiliation. Since we still did not have much to offer, we figured people could at least get the tax write-off. Again, a handful of people believed in us enough to sign up. Those subscriptions along with some very generous contributions from various people enabled us to survive and to produce several books, DVDs, radio programs and seminars to get the word out to the masses.

“SEED” has been sown, quite literally all over the planet. We now have an international audience that is hungry for this product. As of today, we’ve had nearly 3/4 million hits on this website. We have even more hits on our YouTube videos and thanks to Amazon and other retail partners, our books and DVDs are being shipped out daily.

It has been a very difficult 3 years, but all of that hard work and support has definitely paid off.

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL who helped us get this far. We appreciate you more than you’ll ever know!

OK great. The bills are getting paid – on time! That’s a good thing and it sure helps to get the creative juices flowing once again, when those worries are off our plate. Now that the books, DVDs and seminars are paying our modest, monthly living expenses, and people all around the world are now aware of this project, we knew it was finally time to reorganize all of our efforts, to focus specifically on SEED in order to see the dream finally begin to come true. This of course, would required a major overhaul. This site is the result. We’ll continue to tweak it and make it more and more efficient, but for now, it’s several steps above what we had.

The non-profit (tax deductible contribution) side of SEED will still be accessible, but from this point forward, we’re redirecting all of our efforts for a major push toward raising the required funds for each project, and for all of those funds to go directly toward those efforts and nothing else. The various thermometers will track our progress in that regard so you can see how we’re doing and what’s still needed.

Stay tuned for further developments…

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