Location Scouting in Arizona (again)

So I began my day with the prayer, “Father, I welcome you into my day, and ask you to direct my path and give me inspiration.” This is the first “sign” I see as I’m about to head out on Highway 10, with my sweet rental (free upgrade from a compact car). He’s so awesome like that. And with 80s …


What’s the status of SEED?

Some have wondered what is going on with my SEED project lately. Well, the short answer is that it is still moving forward… slowly. Yes, I did get side-tracked into all of the Flat Earth research I did over the past year, which has certainly consumed a lot of my time. At first, I was very concerned about this – as many others have been …

The MUST READ book if interested in creating a movie or TV series

No matter what your opinion is of George Lucas and Star Wars, if you have ANY ambition of getting into the entertainment business, this book is a MUST READ (click pic to go to the Amazon listing)! Whether you are struggling to write that first script, or you want to be a director, a producer, an actor, a casting agent, …

SEED Comic book and Augmented Reality

Ok… all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The SEƎD comic book needs to be done like this. So, if you have any experience in this “Augmented Reality” type of thing, we definitely need to talk ASAP regarding a long-term relationship on this project. Just imagine the “seeds” I can plant into each story, with this type of interactivity! These guys are …


Finally got to meet Rick Hummer in person

I finally got to meet and hang out with my SEED narrator and good friend, the multi-talented Rick Hummer tonight in person! We have of course spent a LOT of time chatting by phone and working together on-line this past year (as we worked on the SEED Audio Drama), but we have never actually met until now. He came down …

Check out the first episodes of the SEED Audio Drama!

There are many ways you can get involved with SEED the series. One of those ways is as a voice actor in our SEED Audio Drama series. What is that all about? Well, before movies and television, there was radio. Perhaps your parents or grandparents grew up listening to the old Flash Gordon, Lone Ranger or Mystery Theater radio dramas. Believe it or not, that sort …


Homemade Sound Booths

We had a really awesome recording session today with the “Agartha Team” working on Episode 1 of the SEED Audio Drama! Won’t be too much longer before the first one will be ready for scoring and sound FX. Thankfully, my homemade sound booths work worked very well. I made them out of those folding clothing bins you can get at …

Casting nearly complete!

We’ve cast nearly all of our principle actors. We are now in production on the first episode of the SEED Audio Drama! Stay tuned for more on that. In the meantime, you can still submit for any of the remaining characters by going to the Casting Call Page.

Working with Rick Hummer is always a blast!

We had way too much fun recording audio with Rick Hummer for the SEED Audio Drama this weekend. Rick will not only be our series narrator, but he will also be playing several parts in the cast, to include SFC. Danny “Dino” Pierce and MSGT. Allen “Big Al” Calhoun. Rick pulls out the stops at about 1:30 in this video …